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Tue Aug 9, 2022 9:33pm
Contact AFR - Sales Department

AFR Services - Director of Sales & Marketing

Doug Winkler, serving AFR customers since 1993

     Serving the state of: South Carolina

Contact Doug at 800.995.8667, ext. 108, or by e-mail: dwinkler@afrservices.com


AFR Services - Sales Representatives

Efrain Cabrera, serving AFR customers since 2014

     Serving the states of:  Michigan and Ohio

Contact Efrain at 800.995.8667, ext. 195, or by e-mail: ecabrera@afrservices.com


Kelsey Coday, serving AFR customers since 2001

     Serving the states of:  Alaska, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, New Mexico, Nevada, Oregon, South Dakota, Washington and Wyoming

Contact Kelsey at 1.877.779.0655, or by e-mail: kcoday@afrservices.com


Suzanne Dyer, serving AFR customers since 2015

     Serving the states of:  Arizona, Massachusetts, Minnesota and Utah

Contact Suzanne at 800.995.8667. ext. 139, or by e-mail: sdyer@afrservices.com


Anita Garvey, serving AFR customers since 2004

     Serving the states of:  Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi and Tennessee

Contact Anita at 800.995.8667, ext. 127, or by e-mail: agarvey@afrservices.com


Michael Hayden, serving AFR customers since 2011

     Serving the states of:  Connecticut, D.C., Delaware, Maryland, Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont, New Jersey, New York, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia 

Contact Michael at 800.995.8667, ext. 172, or by e-mail: mhayden@afrservices.com 


Jerry Lohbauer, serving AFR customers since 2009

     Serving the states of:  Arkansas, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri and Wisconsin

Contact Jerry at 800.995.8667, ext. 174, or by e-mail: jlohbauer@afrservices.com


Michael Martinez, serving AFR customers since 1994

     Serving the states of:  Louisiana and Texas

Contact Michael at 800.995.8667, ext. 125, or by e-mail: mmartinez@afrservices.com


Allison Matalone, serving AFR customers since 2015

     Serving the states of: Alabama, Illinois, Indiana and North Carolina

Contact Allison at 800.995.8667, ext. 152, or by e-mail: amatalone@afrservices.com